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Sea Transportation

Focus on integrated port logistics and international multimodal transportation; provide domestic transportation of containers, groceries and large equipment; undertake general trade logistics, free trade zone logistics, etc.
Product description

Our company can handle the export transportation agency business of FCL and LCL for international sea containers from domestic to all ports in the world according to the client's entrustment, including reviewing all the lists and letters provided by the client, preparing various documents, booking space, and customs declaration. , Handle the certificate of origin, commodity inspection certificate, container leasing, packing, bulk cargo consolidation, express domestic and foreign documents, etc. We can also act as an agent for foreign payment and door-to-door services according to customer requirements.


Our company has a group of professional business operators. The staff have passed the professional training of the ocean freight business, as well as the professional training of the customs declaration business and the entry-exit commodity inspection business. The staff all have good business handling capabilities, and are dedicated to provide our customers with excellent and safe all operations of international shipping business.


Our company has strict and complete business operation procedures. From the beginning of the pick-up to the delivery of the goods to the destination, the operation is carried out in accordance with industry standards. Carrying out information tracking and inquiries throughout the entire process of the goods carried, so that our customers can keep abreast of the current status of the goods shipped.


Shipment guarantee, cargo safety:

● One-stop LCL service

● Fast LCL Service in Free Trade Zone

● LCL service in Asia

● Port-to-port LCL service


Business overview:

● Sea import business scope

According to the client's entrustment, the seaborne import undertakes FOB door-to-door, port-to-port full agent or handles all business before and after the arrival of the import. Assist customers in preparing various documents; booking, customs declaration, warehousing, transit, container assembly and unpacking, settlement of freight and miscellaneous charges, customs declaration, inspection, insurance, and related inland transportation services and transportation consulting services.

● Shipping export business scope

Seaborne export deals with all the business before and after the export of goods according to the customer’s entrustment; reviewing various lists and approval documents provided by the customer; preparing various documents; booking and customs declaration; handling certificate of origin, insurance policy and commodity inspection certificate; container leasing and Packing; domestic transportation, port entry, shipment; issuance of bills of lading, freight and miscellaneous charges settlement, express mail domestic and foreign documents; handling import customs declaration, taxation, unpacking/transshipment, and delivery abroad; handling foreign agent business .

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