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Air Freight

Focus on integrated port logistics and international multimodal transportation; provide domestic transportation of containers, groceries and large equipment; undertake general trade logistics, free trade zone logistics, etc.
Product description

According to customer requirements, consulting services can be provided in multiple ways such as face-to-face, telephone, fax, E-MAIL, e-commerce, etc., and immediate feedback such as customs declaration documents, airlines, routes, flights, types (full journey), transportation terms and destination ports Information and other content. As long as we understand your needs for air freight services, we will ensure that we provide appropriate services.


International Air Freight Service:

● Professional and reliable, fast timeliness, excellent price

● One-stop air freight service

● VIP air transport service 3 days direct

● MCO air freight, charge by piece

● Airport-to-airport air service

● African e-commerce air freight service

● Air export business scope

According to the entrustment of the customer, the air export shall handle all the business before and after the export of the goods; review the various lists and approval documents provided by the customer; prepare various documents; make bookings and customs declarations; apply for certificates of origin, insurance policies and commodity inspection certificates; book flights, Domestic transportation, packaging, issuance of bills of lading, freight and miscellaneous fee settlement, express mail domestic and foreign documents; handle import declaration, taxation, transshipment, and delivery abroad; handle foreign agency business.

● Import air freight business scope

According to the entrustment of the customer, the foreign agent company will send the waybill, flight number, number of packages, weight, product name, actual consignee and other address, contact phone number, etc., to the destination agent company before shipping abroad. And assist customers in reviewing various lists and approval documents provided by customers; preparing various documents; booking space and customs declaration, and handle domestic import customs declaration, taxation, transshipment, delivery and other agency services.

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