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Introduction of cross-border e-commerce 9610/9710/9810

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(Summary description)Introduction of cross-border e-commerce 9610/9710/9810

Introduction of cross-border e-commerce 9610/9710/9810

(Summary description)Introduction of cross-border e-commerce 9610/9710/9810

  • Categories:Industry News
  • Author:web
  • Origin:web
  • Time of issue:2020-05-03 15:31
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Cross-border trade e-commerce

In 2014, the General Administration of Customs issued Announcement No. 12, adding the code "9610" to the customs supervision method.

"9610" stands for "cross-border trade e-commerce", commonly known as "consolidation model", that is, B2C (business to individual) export.

This model can be broken into parts, flexibly and conveniently meet the needs of overseas consumers, and has the characteristics of short links, low costs, and few restrictions. This supervision method is applicable to e-commerce retail import and export commodities that are carried out by domestic individuals or e-commerce enterprises through the e-commerce transaction platform, and use the "list approval and summary declaration" model to handle customs clearance procedures.

In other words, "9610" exports are direct mail from domestic companies to overseas consumers.



Cross-border e-commerce B2B direct export

The first is the newly-added code "9710" for short "Cross-border e-commerce B2B direct export". After domestic enterprises have reached transactions with overseas companies through cross-border e-commerce platforms, they will directly export goods to overseas companies through cross-border logistics.



Cross-border e-commerce B2B export overseas warehouse

The second is the newly added code "9810", referred to as "cross-border e-commerce B2B export overseas warehouse", which means that domestic enterprises first export goods to overseas warehouses through cross-border logistics, and then trade from overseas warehouses through cross-border e-commerce platforms. Delivered to overseas purchasers.



1. Typical B2B model, FBA head Cheng Qingjia sent an illustration



2. FBA features

Specific service provider:FBA air freight services are purchased offline by merchants and logistics service providers

Specific packaging:Packaging must meet Amazon requirements and must be packed in cartons

Relatively few categories:Dozens or hundreds of SKUs

Logistics costs:Domestic logistics, customs declaration, air freight, customs clearance fees, taxes, delivery fees

Customs declaration method:Pay customs declaration/1039/9710/9810


3.Main destination port of air freight



B2C e-commerce packet

1. E-commerce small package dedicated line logistics diagram for the whole process



2. Features of B2C e-commerce small package

● Weight limit: less than 2 kg

● Duty-free policy: EU 22 euros/piece

United States: US$800/piece

● Variety of categories: thousands of SKUs

● Packing type: carton/woven bag

● Customs declaration method: 9610/express/pay customs declaration


3. Product classification of air transport lines (from order to sign for the entire period of time)

● Virtual overseas warehouse: 3 working days

● Standard parts: 5 working days

● Economy: 8 working days


4.Main destination port of air freight



Cross-border e-commerce air export operation process



Customs clearance process

1. FBA pay customs declaration



2.9610 Declaration and Cargo Circulation Diagram



In terms of customs declaration, we have established branches in all port cities across the country, and completed the 9610/9710/9810 test in cooperation with the customs at each port. We have a mature and complete customs team. We can respond positively and quickly and effectively solve all kinds of unexpected problems encountered in the customs declaration process.


FIRST is committed to creating an exclusive customer service and overseas team to solve all the problems you will face before, during and after shipment. At the same time, we are constantly exploring and continuously improving our service types to satisfy major service providers. The demand of the international freight forwarding market is to create the most perfect transportation mode!

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